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Féven Zewdi is a first gen Eritrean-born artist. Her work often carries the rich tribal decorum of her Habesha culture. She’s one of the lead artist for SCAPE (Sonoma county Artist Propelling Equity). She hopes her work and efforts will spark curiosity, social and political awakening that push for collective solution-building that’ll impact socio and economical improvements for BIPOC communities. 

You can view more of her work on Instagram: @fevzzz





A visual ode to those who amplify our woes and celebrations through great measures of care, artistry, and excellence. 


Frame 1: The Writer.

Loosely inspired by writer/filmmaker/cultural critic Charles Mudede 

*A writer shows up to a scene wearing a thick winter-coat to gather and organize what is like graffiti of noise into a portrait, universal for all to read. 


Frame 2. Great Blue Heron. 

Our Largest wading bird and one of the largest birds normally present in sonoma County. The Great Blue Heron sores over indigenous Pomo land of Healdsburg: a symbol of The importance of our sacred dialogue To our earth and eco system. Nature has always spoken to us in concise voice- it is our responsibility to give respect and take action as if it’s heard clearly.  


Frame 3: The Photo journalist. 

Inspired by local hero and longtime (33yrs) Photojournalist for Press Democrat, Kent Porter. Kent is depicted in bunker gear with a camera capturing natural distastes-  as he has for so many of wildfires, mudslides, and floods over the years in Sonoma county. His work is a symbiosis of bravery, artistry, and longevity we’ve been graced to be honored with. 


More on Kent, an article from 2015


“When the New York Times used the word “heroic” to describe The Press Democrat’s coverage of the Valley fire in Lake County, it was talking in large part about photographer Kent Porter.“

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