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SkLO is a design and manufacturing company with operations in both Healdsburg, and in the Czech Republic.  SkLO produces accessories and lighting with an emphasis on handblown glass.  Founded in Healdsburg in 2009 by Pavel Hanousek, along with husband and wife design team, Karen Gilbert and Paul Pavlak, SkLO is a global design brand recognized around the world for its unique designs and the quality of its work and craftsmanship.  


For Karen and Paul, SkLO represents the opportunity to make whole their shared philosophy about craft and design, while utilizing each of their individual skills.  Karen's as an acclaimed craft artist and metalsmith, whose own work integrates metal and glass (Karen is also co-owner of Gallery Lulo in Healdsburg); and Paul's as a trained and practicing architect with a deep belief in the honesty of materials, expression of process and the importance of restraint.

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